ZTE is preparing communicator Apache with eight cores

The company has decided to follow the example of ZTE and Samsung release its own eight-core processor. But, if the South Korean manufacturer is preparing an eight-chip with two quad-core processors for better energooptimizatsii, the Chinese giant is going to release a smartphone with a processor that will support parallelization of tasks on all 8 cores.

However, ZTE is not going to use the powerful and proven solutions from manufacturers such as Samsung, Qualcomm and nVidia. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer will set processors called MediaTek MT6599. Not be discounted that the previous generation of the same company, MT6588, although it has four cores, uses outdated technology Cortex A7, instead of modern Cortex A9. Processors with the latest set in the latest flagship. All this leads to sad reflection on the future use of ZTE eight cores - no more than marketing and race cores, while Samsung offers a truly modern solution to a standalone device.

If, indeed, it seems that all of the new 8-core processors will be Cortex A7, then such a solution unlikely to have any impact on performance, which can not be said about the battery life. Like it or not, we do not know exactly, but most likely, ZTE will provide device on the processor at CES in January 2013. And then we can say for sure is worth powder and shot or not.