The official conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S III does not overheat

In the fight for a place in the sun all methods are good - to discredit the opponent has long been considered the normal method of survival, and that's Samsung Galaxy S III recently hit the ability to make some news resource soobschivschih that he allegedly ignites spontaneously. Naturally, the manufacturer could not help but react to this statement, and began its own investigation, which has attracted a team of experts to investigate the fires of Great Britain (FIUK). The result was the conclusion of the study - the flagship subjected to external influence.

FIUK Report states that the only way you can make a similar injury - put it in a regular home oven. This conclusion is supported by the fact that after the publication of the report of the owners of allegedly "overheated" Galaxy S III recanted his allegations against Samsung. In the new version of the owner of this phone it has got water and some "other person" was trying to have it repaired.