A team of Linaro has achieved a double performance boost Android

Linar team did a great job of optimizing Android 4.0 for the ARM and Bernard Rozenkrantser, Android Toolchain-engineer, presents the results of hard work on the Linaro Connect Q2.2012 in Hong Kong. When comparing the stock Android 4.0.4 release of the Google (AOSP) with a modified version of the Linaro, the latter shows a double increase in performance.

Both systems are running on the SoC TI OMAP4430 Powered Pandaboard. In the benchmark oxBench optimized assembly showed about 60 fps in all tests (OpenGL Cube, OpenGL Blending, OpenGL Fog and Flying Teapot), while the release of a stock gained nearly 30 fps. It is worth noting that the chosen test utility shows only the possibility of CPU, because currently there is no way for programmers to work with the drivers GPU. Source code of utilities used to optimize, and kernel itself already in the network.

About ready to leverage Linaro expressed CyanogenMod developers and Open Kang Project. Let us hope that Google will pay attention to this project.

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